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Flumentol Drops

Flumentol Drops
Flumentol Drops
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Flumentol Drops

Flumetasone & Clioquinol

Flumetasone Pivalate is a potent difluorinated glucocorticoid designed for local application. It exerts an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, vasoconstrictive and anti-proliferative effect. In inflammatory skin diseases of the external auditory meatus it affords prompt relief and eliminates symptoms such as pruritus and also reduces swelling. Clioquinol is a halogenated hydroxyquinoline derivative which exerts bacteriostatic action. It is active against a broad spectrum of microorganisms including fungi (e.g., Candida, Microsporum, Trichophyton) and Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. Staphylococci). It is also effective against Gram-negative bacteria.