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Nitrocard Spray

Nitrocard Spray
Nitrocard Spray
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Product Code : 276
Product Description

Nitrocard Spray

Diluted Nitroglycerin USP

Nitroglycerin relaxes the vascular smooth muscle. Although the precise details remain unclear, the direct effect on vascular smooth muscle appears to be the result of liberation of free radicals of nitric oxide (NO) which activates guanylate cyclase, resulting in increased synthesis of cyclic GMP. It is possible that nitric oxide (NO) combines with sulfhydryl groups in the endothelium and produces S-nitrosothiols that stimulate guanylate cyclase production. This is enhanced by N-acetylcysteine which provides a source of sulfhydryl groups. Cyclic GMP reduces stored calcium and thus interferes with calcium-activated smooth muscle contraction.